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Website Design

The ANS project is one of the projects I worked on during 2021.

The Academy of Natural sciences Museum would like to re-design its website to attack more visitors after the pandemic.

The goal for this project is to use visual & motion design to create a fresh feeling for the visitors.

As the motion designer, my role is to collaborate with the visual designer together to find the best approach to re-design the website experience.

I'm also in response to creating some animated assets for the new website, to make the experience become more fun, and interesting.


For website design, minor or small motions can always make the digital exploring experience become interesting.

It can be the moving illustration or animated underline/arrows to trigger visitors' attention.

1st version, the movements are too large

The final version, movement looks more subtle

One thing that always makes people feel frustrated is when the page can't load.
In order to reduce the negative website visiting experience, my team also designed the 404-page info content, to make it feel less disappointing.

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