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Hand Gesture Filter

During my downtime, I started to do researches about different AR filters (Apple ARkit, 8th wall, Spark, Tiktoc, Kwai, Snapchat, Zoom...) and found Snapchat actually has a lot of good AR&ML templates to do the face/body/environment tracking.
Moved my baby step to start creating AR filters in Snapchat's Lens Studio.And here are the filters I made so far:
1. Very simple 2D AR filter.

2. Hand gestures trigger filter. 
you can do high-five, point up, V, and thumbs up, and OK gestures. (Because of the limitation of the ML training, the thumbs up and OK are hard to trigger, you may need to try a lot to get them)
3. Internal EKO Cookshop team wrap party filter
this filter is designed for the horizontal screen, so it may become wired when you use your cellphone to preview it.
All of them are HIDE filters, only people with this link can get them.
Copy and paste this link to your SnapCamera search bar, and you will find this filter.

Screenshot 2021-03-05 165646.png
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