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Founders Hall Visitor Experience

The Milton Hershey School is founded by a famous chocolatier. In this project, we redesign the school's founders hall visitor experience. In order to create a more immersive feeling to the visitors, we connected the school's history and the current students' lives, also used large scale projections


The whole experience includes 5 different interactives. I'm mainly responsible for the entryway scrims projection "Deed of Trust" and founder hall large rotunda projection "Milton's Legacy".


In order to pick the right projection scrim, and understand the relationship between projected color and scales, I did tons of projective tests and document recordings to make sure we can have the best projection design.


When we started work on the Hershey school experience, I recreated a VR version of the founders hall visitor center, so I and my teammate who never visited there in person can have the basic idea of the exhibition area.
This also allowed me to place the rotunda motion design into the VR world, and let me have a better sense of the movement speed on such a large scale.


Sometimes you need to get a little creative when you only have one flat photo but need to animate out around 15 seconds of movement.
For example: let myself become teen Milton Hershey, so I can get the 3D arms moments. 


Add some frame drops, textures, and strong shadows.
It works well :)

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