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Museum Brochure

I always want to know what are the things that future AR devices can do?

AR featured museum brochure can be a great starting point. 
What if the visitor is able to scan the brochures and be able to learn info nation about the current exhibition, save stops for their visits, and have a way-finder on their digital device (all the fancy dreams)?


Here are my 1st stage baby steps for this R&D:
- Created the 3D sculpture of Alexander Calder's Double Gong in Cinema 4D

  (so I can study how different textures work in AR filter.)
- Made a rough motion study of the loading animation and image tracking I want to achieve.
- Organized UV map and applied multi-objects textures to one texture map in Blender.
- Converted the obj file into USDZ for Apple AR to do a simple AR prototype.

- Converted the obj file into GLB files for the 8th wall, the web AR, to study its difference with the Apple Reality Compser.

- Created a C4D mock-up to better explain my idea to the devs.

Comp 1.gif
Museum Brochure-sketch-01.jpeg
Museum Brochure-sketch-02.jpeg
Museum Brochure-sketch-03.jpeg
Museum Brochure-sketch-04.jpeg
Museum Brochure-sketch-05.jpeg
Museum Brochure-sketch-06.jpeg
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