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River Alive


River Alive is the first project I worked on as a full-time motion designer in Bluecadet :)

In this project, our team needs to design the whole childe exhibition area for the Independence Seaport Museum. The goal of this project is to use fun interactives to let kids build their interests in nature, and, lead the kids to learn more about the local river environment.

To achieve this goal, we designed our style guide includes hand-painted font, logo, and color palette. Built interactive games to lead kids to learn how to work together, used visual data to help them to understand the importance of improving the river's health, and made a personality test to build up the connection between the river animals with the visitors.


The entryway large interactive wall is called "Continuum Wall". it's a 32-foot long curved gaming wall. In front of it, we put five "input" stations to represent mountains, wilderness, farmland, and city that are connected together by a river. Visitors need to complete inputting for all five stations to unlock the "party mood" that celebrates the clean river.

All the motion elements on this wall were animated through Spine, so the developer can import them into Unity, to finish the game build-up.


We also visualized the data info of the rivers, to make kids and visitors can better understand these numbers. By doing interactive on the data touch screen, visitors could learn the facts of the river, and why it's important to protect the river's health.


There are also fun eastern eggs included in this data screen, like: if you tap the bags on the screen, they will start dancing around your fingers.


My personal favorite in this exhibition is always the personality test "River Hero." Our team designed this test to match your personality with river animals, and my job is to animate those cute animals, make sure each animal's movements could represent a specific personality. 

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